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Book records such work as making, mending, and finishing skirts, collars, frocks, drawers, dresses, and skirts. Includes references to embroidery and the making of curtains. Entries contain the dates of transactions, descriptions of work done, and costs. Many different styles of coaches are mentioned. Although the name of the account-book keeper is not known, evidence suggests that he was a blacksmith working in either New Haven, Connecticut, or southern Vermont.

Book includes the names of customers, work done for them, the date, and cost.

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The smith made shoes, fixed wagons, repaired harnesses, and mended chains. The anonymous keeper of this account book operated a sawmill in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. His writings reflect the work of a sawyer. Consists of personal and household expenses for a New England family. A wide range of products and services is documented, including magazine subscriptions, life insurance, medicine, articles of clothing, fabrics, clothes washing, mending jewelry, etc.

Consists of sparse entries in an unidentified hand recording lumber- and millwork. Two small pieces of paper are laid in, one of which contains a rough sketch for a piece of machinery. Contains accounts of an unidentified harnessmaker who sold and repaired harnesses, bridles, halters, and collars. References made to other books not contained within this collection. The debits and credits recorded in this volume note such work as making and repairing farm tools, wheels, and horseshoes. Text is in Pennsylvania German dialect.

Ledger contains lists of pieces of furniture candle stands, bureaus, bookcases, chairs, washstands, etc. One page contains entries with names of customers and details of their accounts. Ledger represents only a fragment of a larger manuscript. Contains weekly labor costs for preparing, spinning, dressing, and weaving cloth. There are also figures for yards spun, boxes spooled, beams warped, and cuts dressed.

A History of Orange County, Virginia

Manuscripts record carpentry done on ships: building and repairing rails, planks, window frames, doors, etc. Mention is also made of finishing rooms and making coffins and clock cases. Robert Adam was from a family of architects. He studied at Edinburgh University, traveled to Rome during the s, and made his reputation as a classical architect.

Active almost until his death, Adam designed thirty-three buildings in Adam was also a landscape painter. Drawings are for both private and public buildings and their furnishings.

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Most were located in Great Britain, although a few were in Rome. Charles E.

Adams was a woodcarver who worked throughout New England. His home base appears to have been Boston. In his diary Adams recorded his work on the Loring-Emmerton House in Salem, Massachusetts; business dealings in Providence, Rhode Island; involvement in his union; and educational activities. As a student of art, Adams studied drawing under George Hartnell Bartlett, modeled clay, cast figures in plaster, and helped an uncle design a dwelling and public buildings.

He wrote of his admiration for the work of Luigi Frullini, an Italian known for his carvings in the Renaissance style. Hofmaler u. Todt—for Berlin woolwork embroidery. The patterns are hand painted in opaque watercolor on printed card stock.

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He engaged William Van Norden to print this game. Half of the forty cards in this game feature depictions of famous people in American history and the other half feature questions and answers relating to the individuals. The object of the game is to match a text card with its illustrative companion. Contains daily entries for sales of textiles. This artificial and open collection contains printed broadsides, brochures, posters, and other advertising material, the majority of which was produced during the nineteenth century in New England and the Middle Atlantic states.

The many illustrations depict products, mechanical designs, costumes, ethnic groups, commercial architecture, and domestic scenes. Collection features price lists, letters, bills, and advertising matter on the importation and sale of hair and grooming supplies. Included are items on wigs, hand mirrors, curling irons, brass combs, the making of human hair goods, etc.

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Also present is a German periodical containing five articles on hair. Material included from firms operated by Leon Pelleray of Paris and C. Hartung of New York City.

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Bartholomew Akin was a furnituremaker and joiner. In he lived in Dartmouth, Massachusetts; by he had moved to nearby New Bedford. To make a living, he also framed houses, laid shingles, built looms, did ship carpentry, and performed other woodworking tasks. Collection consists chiefly of bills addressed to the Albany County Agricultural Society for beer, pipes, tobacco, candles, doorkeeping services, the publication of notices, the engraving of certificates, and the making of plows.

A certificate of membership addressed to John Lamb includes an engraving of farm animals and various agricultural implements. Henry Janes Albright was a sculptor, painter, designer, and educator who worked chiefly in Albany, New York. He exhibited widely. Collection consists of twenty-seven photographs of items that Albright crafted, principally plates and vases. The ephemera relate to his career and include a clipping about the sale of his work and a copy of a catalogue from the Emma Willard Art School. Family member Lydia A. Albro generated most of the manuscripts.

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Included in these papers are records of household expenses and local taxes, letters, photographs, and envelopes. Most of the collection consists of receipted bills, mainly on invoices with printed vignettes, that record Lydia A. Some came from the family business, although most are from local merchants and New York City stores. Item is a copy of English patent , given in to Albu for a new type of molding that featured a covering of fabric. Several illustrations accompany the text, and there is a letter from Albu concerning one of the drawings.

In addition there are a few landscapes, marine views, and a street scene depicting a brewery and grocery store. One sketch bears the date Album contains images on sheets of French candy wrappers that depict a wide variety of subjects, including transportation, scenery, animals, and historical and fictional people. French-language captions appear on some of the items. Fourteen are copyrighted by G. Also included are a valentine from L.

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Volume was originally designed for valentine and other greeting cards published by the L. Prang Company of Boston. More than fifty cards are included from various publishers, including the American Valentine Co. Volume contains photographs and pictures of French, German, and Italian lighting fixtures and lamp shades.

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Some are numbered and priced as in catalogues. Volume includes instructions for making stockings, socks, shawls, baby clothes and shoes, bags, sofa cushions, a bed rest, etc. Album features twenty-two worked samples and a page depicting various stitches. The name Rosa Mary is written lightly on the first leaf, but her last name is not decipherable.

Each entry notes a customer name, descriptions of items and the prices at which they were purchased, debits and credits, and a corresponding ledger number. Drawings show different depictions of a female saint, perhaps to be used as guides for decorating church windows. The Allabach children, compilers of this scrapbook, lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Their father served as a soldier during the Civil War. Manuscript provides information concerning the painting of Windsor chairs and the upholstering of seats as well as general information about furnituremaking. George M.