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They were like robots. Oskar predicts ongoing dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The nanny Liba is quitting and astoundingly, L. She has noted how V. The British are limiting emigration to Palestine. She challenges his motives and hidden desires, is it Love? He begs her to come. With his wife and kids away, V. She worries, it can't go on without discovery. He recalls Hana's love of deceit. When V. A vacation in Marienbad W.

Germany forces Czechoslovakia to give up the Sudetenland The dismembering of Czechoslovakia has begun. March , Germans have invaded.

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Hana is intoxicated, asks L. Hana professes her love to L. They hurriedly pack essentials and drive to the airport. They are delayed by Hitler's passing by. Hana and Oskar remain behind. He tells his sister Lanikova that he saw L. The Landauers are in a Swiss villa, enjoying swimming and sailing.

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She finds V. She hints about this to V. She was suspicious from the outset. But Kata assures L. She tells Kata of her reduced sex drive.


Kata is in love with V. Eventually L.

He disparages V. Feelings stir in L. She is lonely for home. Vitulka has died [in real life of miliary TB]. Hana encounters Stahl in the Cafe Zeman. He is unmarried. She is seductive.

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It is summer Hana writes L. Kata has swum with the kids. Kata wants to emigrate with the family. Hana arrives at the house, meets with Stahl, undergoes the biometric and photo exams. They are processing gypsies, Jews, Slavs, etc.

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  7. She compares him to Doctor Mabuse character in the movies. Later he pores over her nude photos. At a hotel cafe, they discuss his dead wife Hedda, a Nordic violinist, his 1st cousin, who died accidentally later we learn it was suicide. They make love, oral sex, he pays her with a "gift", which she expects. She writes passionately to Hana. Stahl speaks of Germanization.

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    Composer Haas is absent form the concert because he is Jewish. Hana takes him to the house, displays the onyx wall at sunset. They make love, but he does not want her to return. Oskar must wear the yellow star of David. Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich arrives inspect the Biometric Center.

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    He is measured but demands the records and none are to be left. So far, no uniquely Jewish feature have been determined. Stahl thinks of Hana with a mixture of wanting and loathing. Hana comes to Stahl in a storm. She interrogates him about what is being done to the Jews, has heard rumors, are they being sent to concentration camps?

    He says we have to find a solution. She tells him her husband is a Jew, and that she is pregnant with his child. She insults him "killing babies is in your nature" , he strikes her, soon rapes her. He takes her home, she needs financial help her accounts have been frozen , wants to keep the baby.

    She has written Hana but cannot mail it.

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    Jews arrive for biometrics. Stahl has traces of his attack on Hana cleaned up. Stahl calls a contact, says Hana is a subversive and Jew-friendly. His lusty thoughts have shifted to Elfriede Lange, an attractive perfect Teuton. The train stops in Bayonne in France. By the late s, the house has become the property of the Communist Party. When Hana visits with her son, he suggests she should try to contact Liesel. But they have to wait another ten years to meet again. In , Hana hosts a fund-raising reception to rescue the house from decay.

    Liesel accepts the invitation to attend as guest of honor. Mawer constantly shifts the perspective from character to character, often leaving the reader wanting more. Why do you think Mawer chose to conclude the book with Ottilie and Maria reuniting? What, if anything, does this new generation represent? Share: Share on Facebook. Add to Cart. What image or scene within the novel haunted or stayed with you the most? LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

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