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Object Oriented Game Development Part 1

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Inheritance and Polymorphism

The Story of Alice. The opposite of OOP is procedural programming. Procedural programming is more linear than OOP in that it involves coded procedures that interact with and change data to create some kind of output. Pascal and C are examples of procedural programming languages.

With games, you might consider the logic of how things work—the game mechanic—to be procedural, facilitating the object-oriented action that moves the narrative along. Procedural programming does not tell the narrative, but allows the narrative to be told. Archaeology is both object-oriented and procedural. Each artifact tells a story and contributes to a larger narrative, framed by the procedures of methodology. Archaeology goes one step further in being object-oriented. In OOP, the goal is to create code that solves a problem. One does not program simply to program. When reading recent books on excavation method by archaeologists such as Steve Roskams and Martin Carver, one realizes that questions lie at the heart of what drives the digging.

It gives excavation a purpose. And for most games, one can say the same. To be a game by definition, one plays towards a resolution via a given set of rules. Archaeology, then, is a game by definition, object-oriented, and governed by procedures. Archaeogaming is a collective of gamers who are interested in applying archaeological methods while exploring game-worlds. We are interested in the evolution of gaming worlds and in the use of archaeology while in-game.

Archaeogaming was founded by Andrew Reinhard on June 9, You are commenting using your WordPress.

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You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Video 10 videos. Lesson Introduction 52s. Delegates and Event Handlers 5m.

Object-oriented design in JavaScript games

UnityEvent and UnityAction 5m. Fish Revenge 12m. Adding an Event Manager 8m. Refactoring Teddy Bear Destruction 5m. Menu Buttons 8m. Adding a Simple Menu System 9m. Adding a Menu Manager 6m. Reading 6 readings. Exercise 9: My First Event Manager 10m. Event Handling Lecture Code 10m. Exercise Don't Destroy Me! Menus Lecture Code 10m. Wacky Breakout Increment 3 Solution 10m. Video 7 videos. Lesson Introduction 2m. The Event Manager 7m. Menus 6m. Basic Gameplay 12m. Full Gameplay 6m.

Sound 7m. Configuration Data 8m. Reading 2 readings.

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Feed the Teddies Lecture Code 10m. Wacky Breakout Increment 4 Solution 10m. Show More.

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Video 1 video. Finishing Up 55s. Tim "Dr. About University of Colorado System The University of Colorado is a recognized leader in higher education on the national and global stage. We collaborate to meet the diverse needs of our students and communities. We promote innovation, encourage discovery and support the extension of knowledge in ways unique to the state of Colorado and beyond. This specialization is intended for beginning programmers who want to learn how to program Unity games using C.

The first course assumes no programming experience, and throughout the 5 courses in the specialization you'll learn how to program in C and how to use that C knowledge to program Unity games. The C and Unity material in the first 4 courses in the specialization is slightly more comprehensive than the content in the first 2 game programming courses at UCCS.

The courses in this specialization are independent works and are not sponsored by, authorized by, or affiliated with Unity Technologies or its affiliates Chevron Right What is the refund policy?