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Literary re-inscriptions of myths and mythic patterns Literature as mythmaking The significance and meaning of myths in psychoanalytic theory Myth as the language of the unconscious Archetypes, symbols, and metamorphoses Myths in the inner and outer worlds Dreams, visions, myths Myth and re-enchantment The role of myth in medical practice William Blake and myth Time, space and the primordial Myth and modernism.


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Myth and Literature Today

Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Jung evolved a theory of archetypes. Broadly similar images and symbols occur in…. The patterns of myth truly have, in historically quantifiable ways, played out. But even more than that, it ties to those yearnings I had when I have encountered resonant pieces of mythology in my past.

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One such instance was when in 9th grade honors English, we went into our Greek mythology unit. As I discovered for the first time the story of the myth of the Titan Prometheus, who was bound to a rock by Zeus and perpetually tortured because he had given fire to humankind. The spiritual dimensions of this story reverberated deeply within me and I felt tied to the myth, so much so that I wrote a short play about it for a class assignment.

A decade later, I would take up that story again and do a full-length play version of it.

Myths and Dreams

And still I find myself going back again and again to mythology for inspiration in my other plays, as well as creating my own universe of mythopoeia. It is in doing so that I find some of my most religiously sublime experiences and I feel I come the closest in tearing off the veil that shadows pre-mortal memories. Thanks for a very thoughtful post. Interesting, too, that for many artists myths maintain their power to creatively inspire even after belief has fled though this was, of course, not the case for Tolkien and Lewis with respect to Christianity.

Interestingly, one of the questions Tolkien addressed in his professional life was what kind of power the ancient pagan legends could and should have to Christian believers, such as the Beowulf-poet.

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I had never heard of Mircea Eliade until you mentioned him, Jonathan. I had read it as a freshman in college prior to my mission, and then had my older son read it before his.

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Archetypal Criticism