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Living with haemophilia and HTV/AIDS: support and coping

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Haemophilia A: a personal perspective

By clicking any link on this page you approve the use of cookies. The blood system is complex. It has important transport functions, delivering nutrients, oxygen and other essential substances as well as hormones and other signal substances to cells in almost every part of the body, and transporting waste products away from those cells.

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The white blood cells have an important role for the immune system protecting against foreign threats as bacteria, and other infectious agents. The blood system thus has a central role in the body, working together with many other systems.

The area of haematology covers a wide range of diseases and problems, including those involving red and white blood cells, coagulation and platelets, and bone marrow. Some diseases of the blood are malignant, involving cancer, while others are benign. Haemophilia is a type of bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot properly.

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Appropriate management aims to help people with haemophilia to live full, healthy and active lives, with the same opportunities as anyone else. Together with Sanofi, we provide extended half-life recombinant replacement clotting factor treatments for haemophilia A and haemophilia B.

Our ambition in haemophilia is to enable access to our treatments for everyone in our territory — Europe, most countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Russia — who has a need. Through our partnership with Sanofi and the wider haemophilia community, we are actively seeking to find solutions for the challenges facing all people with haemophilia.

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In the summer of , we undertook a large-scale, pan-European ethnographic study of the lives of 51 people living with haemophilia. These people, as well as their families, were monitored by researchers for days, while 18 healthcare providers and five haemophilia experts were interviewed for further understanding.

Living with haemophilia: 'My 2-year-old bled nonstop for 4 days', Health News - AsiaOne

This in-depth research provided the main insights that inspired our vision for haemophilia: Liberate Life. We have come a long way since then, and with current treatment options, we can turn our attention to achieving what is now possible: treating people with haemophilia so they can live their lives to the fullest.

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This means that rather than just keeping them safe, we start taking their dreams and ambitions seriously and turn them into reality. It represents our commitment to challenging the status quo of conventional treatment methods, and to creating better possibilities through better care. Liberate Life is based on the fundamental criteria that treatment should always allow people living with haemophilia to feel safe, be protected from bleeds, have long-term joint health protection and feel unburdened by haemophilia.

It is through this vision that this special group of people can liberate life by enjoying a life beyond haemophilia.

Living with Hemophilia

In general any risk factors associated with sports are outweighed by the inherent benegits of staying active. However your doctor or physiotherapist is the best person to check with so make sure you get the advice of a medical professional who knows your specific circumstances. For example, you may require prophylactic treatment ahead of participation, or if you have a vulnerable joint you may find high impact sports off limits. Just as important as maintaining an active order ambien from canada lifestyle is also finding time for recuperation and rest, particularly when a bleed necessitates it.

They can tailor an exercise programme that will maximise activity without doing damage to problem joints or muscles.

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There are pamphlets available to help dentists treating patients with haemophilia. Read more about positive mental health here. Healthy Living.