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The homepage also features some projects — the highlights that catch attention immediately. Sometimes, creativity comes this far.

Web Application Architecture

This solution may seem too experimental, one cannot argue that BIG is truly open-minded when it comes to design. This may be the reason for transforming their site into an abstract portfolio of projects with the elements of pixel graphics. Now, you see how different two Danish architecture firm websites can look, each equally unique. A visitor starts from the page showcasing very diverse projects.

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Smooth transition between is addictive. After you move further open the website, you will discover the amazing portfolio, even more visually attractive and impressive than the homepage. All essential information is provided on the homepage. The hamburger menu hides other details, including price list and gallery. Shepley Bulfinch went for an airy website with the portfolio at its core. The optimal combination of photo and video content makes the page interactive and interesting for a user. Just to remind you, Weblium has a special offer where you can get a complete architecture firm website in 3 days at the best price.

Start With Free Template. Users can enjoy the introductory animation or skip it. Website navigation is highly interactive. This may influence usability in a bad way. However, users get used to this quickly and it becomes hard to leave the website. A play of green on Al Erkyah City residential complex reflects its focus on environmentally friendly architecture and sustainability. The website was named Site of the Day by Awwwards. Users can watch the slides that are slowly changing or just watch a video. The website puts user-friendliness first, making the website very easy to navigate.

Photos are the core of the website design. The menu is integrated in a discreet manner and gets highlighted when a user points at it. Moreover, the website is well-structured and easy to navigate thanks to a clean grid. The homepage also features some projects — the highlights that catch attention immediately. Sometimes, creativity comes this far. This solution may seem too experimental, one cannot argue that BIG is truly open-minded when it comes to design. You can increase the performance by the extended type of architecture, for example, data can be transferred as JSON.

This high-performance web application architecture requires the server-side technologies in web service on the server side as well as usage of JavaScript frameworks on the client side. Linkability of these web application architecture patterns require a particular mechanism, for instance, Hash-Bang is often used. Offline work is not always successful as there is the issue to update or cache the information on the widget. Sure the manifest mechanism is applied here, but it still requests extra time and efforts to have the interaction between the widget template file and the page behavior logic.

Single Page Application SPA is the dynamic framework that covers the interaction with the user by the updated data within the existing page without loading totally new pages from the server, this way the application requests only needed content details. At the same time, you avoid being sidetracked in the user experience or changing the performance of the app. SPA allows the user to continue interaction with the page while new elements are updated, thus you receive the fast interaction with the content reloading at the same time.

Leveraging this framework you could implement notifications, data streaming, and real-time charts. Application Server and Web Server Architecture is the consistent arrangement of the web server. It provides the server design, development, and its deployment.

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These apps exist within the server while operating systems and guarantee network connectivity. Java Web Application Architecture has recommended itself as the versatile framework. Nowadays it has the leading positions among programming languages. On the one hand you can deal with simple, descriptive software, on the other hand, it is no problem to manage tough, multi-layered ones. In both cases, you will apply high-performance web application architecture and receive desired results. Developers involve layered architecture in the Java web apps.

Consequently, the complexity of web application architecture patterns relies upon the set requirements. We should mention the fact that this framework is providing high performance. It incorporates and manages an amount of Java toolkits to create solutions that are running in the cloud.


You have the ability to vary its tools and frameworks for layered architecture in the Java apps to receive the various operations, starting from the easiest to sophisticated full-fledged systems. Java-based web application architecture is commonly used in enterprise solutions.

Mobile Application Architecture is designed by various techniques and tools applying technologies suitable for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. In this case, developers should take into account the device features. It always helps to make sure that apps are supported on different operating systems either iOS or Android , consider CPU details, storage space, resolution, and even screen size. Navigation is the tool that implements certain analysis for the scroll view, search capacity, the navigation bar, etc.

Mobile applications depend on abilities of connectivity. Both hardware and software cope with caching, batch communication and intermittent connectivity. The user interface convenience is one of the main factors because that is actually what customers face, operate and interact with. Layered architecture considers three layers: presentation, business and data ones.

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The presentation layer is responsible for the look of the app for the users, including components of interface processes. Business layer maintains workflows and behaviors of the end users, providing the functionality. Data layer manages the secure app structure and consistent app settings, managing data functionality for possible requests.

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The number of developers using the Node. This web application framework architecture could deal with different requirements concerning design and structure. The Node. Web application architecture patterns supply code sharing and reusability, uncomplicated knowledge-exchange that guaranty consistency and a variety in the available tools. These advantages provide flexibility and reliability at the same time. Shortly, Node. Ruby on Rails Web Application Development is known as the relatively simple framework to apply.