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So thoughts about the experience of perceived communication from an external psychological or spiritual source were very much on my mind. And when I began reading excerpts and even entire chapters from the God book at its website , I was transfixed. The official description that accompanies the eventually published full version of the book will indicate why:. He had not believed in God. He was a philosopher, trained to be skeptical — to doubt everything. So his first question was: Is this really God talking?

God's autobiography

There were other urgent questions: What will my wife think? Why would God want to talk to me? Does God want me to do something? He began asking all the questions about life and death and ultimate things to which he — and all of us — have sought answers: Love and loss. Happiness and suffering. Good and evil.

Death and the afterlife. The ways God communicates with us. How to live in harmony with God. God: An Autobiography tells the story of these mind-opening conversations with God. Jerry L. Martin was raised in a Christian home.

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By the time he left college, he was not a believer. But he was interested in the big questions and so he studied the great thinkers. He became a philosophy professor and served as head of the philosophy department at the University of Colorado at Boulder and acting chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. In addition to scholarly articles on epistemology, the philosophy of mind, and public policy, he wrote reports on education that received national attention and was invited to testify before Congress. He stepped down from that career to write this book.

So you can understand my interest. I got involved in some of the online communications with Jerry that appreciative readers were conducting through the book site, and it swiftly became evident that he and I shared a similar set of concerns, although my own experiences have imparted a decidedly darker cast to my thoughts and writings about the perception of divine and daemonic communication. Jerry and I also conversed through Facebook to which I only recently returned, with a new account, after a multi-year hiatus , and I found him to be a very kind and generous-spirited correspondent. When the full, final edition of God: An Autobiography was published last year by Calladium, I was pleased to see it make slow but sure and steady headway as readers began to catch on to its import.

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I concur with both assessments. Today I finally got around to writing my own brief review of the book. I posted it at Amazon a little while ago making it only the second Amazon review that I have ever written; the first was for The Secret of Ventriloquism by Jon Padgett. His account of how he, a confirmed atheist, unexpectedly began receiving apparent communications from a divine source that announced itself as God is amazingly absorbing, and it completely avoids the possible collapse into New Agey silliness and insipidness that inevitably haunts initial perceptions of such a project these days.

Personally, I was as much taken with the interlude chapters offering summaries of various world religious and spiritual traditions as I was with the God-conversation content. The way Martin layers this information back into the God conversations is also effective, with the total package offering what strikes me, at least, as some authentically groundbreaking insights into the possibility of a new paradigm for interreligious dialogue and understanding.

Nor does he nor does the God with whom he talks shy away from the hard questions about the difficulties that all of this may present for traditionally oriented adherents of some religions. Its aim is to probe the possibility of an integration of human spirituality, through the development of a theology informed by all the world's religious traditions. Yet there is a renewal of religious spirit.

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