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Pietro Landi. Dynamics of complex systems, ecological and evolutionary dynamics, evolutionary game theory, adaptive dynamics, networks, competition. Rida Laraki. Game theory, dynamic games, learning, optimization, social choice, economic theory. Robert S.

  • Fixed Points.
  • Abstract and Applied Analysis.
  • Faces in the Clouds: A New Theory of Religion.
  • Roman imperialism?

MacKay warwick. University of Warwick, UK. Dynamics of complex systems. Massimo Marinacci. Bocconi University, Milan, Italy. Decision theory. Peter A. Markowich kaust. Partial differential equations. Optimal control and differential games, applications to natural resources and environment, management and economic growth. Eduardo Massad. Mathematical modelos of biological phenomena. Mechanism design, social choice and matching.

Marta Mateus. General equilibrium with financial markets, public goods, game theory. Vladimir Mazalov. Networking games, routing and congestion games, potential games. Panayotis Mertikopoulos. Learning, game dynamics, optimization. Michal Misiurewicz. Chiara Mocenni. Department of information engineering and mathematics, University of Siena, Italy. Dynamic systems, nonlinear dynamics, system identification, game theory, evolutionary game theory.

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Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. General equilibrium, games and economic theory.

Alejandro Neme. Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina. Social choice theory, game theory, mechanism design, matching theory.

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Social choice theory, game theory, mechanism design, behavioural and experimental economics. Martin Nowak. Harvard University, USA. Evolutionary dynamics, mathematical biology. Adam Oberman. McGill University, Canada. Mathematics applied to deep learning, scientific computing, optimization, optimal and stochastic control, optimal transportation, partial differential equations.

Bruno M. Universidade do Porto, Portugal. Oligopoly models, random dynamics of edgeworthian exchange markets, biostatistics, and dynamic immunological models. Daisuke Oyama. University of Tokyo, Japan. Game theory, evolutionary games, and economic applications. Jorge M. Universidade do Minho, Portugal.

Topology For Beginners: Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem

Frank Page. Indiana University, USA. Network formation games, financial networks; endogenous network dynamics, stationary Markov equilibria, stochastic games, competitive mechanism design; common agency games, approximation and fixed point theory. Teemu Pennanen. King's college London, UK. Convex analysis, stochastics, financial economics. Vianney Perchet. University Paris Diderot, France.

About Applications of the Fixed Point Theory - Semantic Scholar

Learning, robust game, convex optimization. Leon Petrosyan. Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia. Game theory, dynamic and differential games. Georgios Piliouras. Game theory, evolutionary dynamics, learning in games. Diogo Pinheiro.


DPinheiro brooklyn. Hamiltonian dynamics, stochastic optimal control and applications to actuarial and financial mathematics. Marc Quincampoix. Differential games, links between continuous time and discrete time games. Carlos Ramos. Department of Mathematics, University of Evora, Portugal. Symbolic dynamics, complex systems. David Rand. Rand warwick. Dynamical systems, stochastic dynamics, systems biology. Kevin Reffett. Department of Economics, W.

Comparative statics, stochastic games, dynamic games, large games. University Toulouse 1, France. Repeated games, stochastic games, game theory, dynamic programming, Markov decision processes, convex analysis and combinatorics. Frank Riedel. Bielefeld University, Germany. Game theory and evolutionary game theory, general equilibrium, mathematical finance. Klaus Ritzberger. Ritzberger rhul.

Economic theory, in particular game theory, mathematical economics, and financial economics. Andrea Roventini. Macroeconomics, agent-based computational economics.

Gerardo Rubino. Rubino inria. Probability models, stochastic process, Markov models, numerical analysis, operations research, Monte Carlo techniques, machine learning, game theory, network science.

Fixed Points

Gauthier Sallet. Control theory, ordinary differential equations, dynamical systems, mathematical epidemiology, biomathematics. Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche, Spain. Cooperative games, cost sharing, resource management, operations research games. William H. Game theory, evolutionary game theory, learning in games. Filippo Santambrogio.

Optimal transport, mean field games, PDEs. Jeff S. Learning in games, multi-agent systems, distributed control systems. Eran Shmaya.