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Midwinter and others Austen, Jane, The Novels of Jane Austen.

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Text based on collation of the early editions, by R. Edinburgh Cromek, R. London: J. McCreery Dodsley, Richard, A Collection of Poems, by Several Hands.

What Is a Woman?

London: R. Dodsley Drake, Judith, Essay in Defence of the Female Sex. London: S. Butler Halsband, Robert, ed.

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Jane Austen's Letters. Essays and Poems and 'Simplicity', a Comedy , ed. Robert Halsband and Isobel Grundy, paperpack edn first publ. Oxford: Clarendon Press Norris, John, John Norris London Scott, Walter, Edinburgh: J.

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Ballantyne; London: Longman and others Seward, Anna, Dodsley —— Llangollen Vale, With Other Poems. London: G.

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  7. Sael —— Backscheider explores the forms in which women wrote and the uses to which they put those forms. Considering more than forty women in relation to canonical male writers of the same era, she concludes that women wrote in all of the genres that men did but often adapted, revised, and even created new poetic kinds from traditional forms.

    Backscheider demonstrates that knowledge of these women's poetry is necessary for an accurate and nuanced literary history. Within chapters on important canonical and popular verse forms, she gives particular attention to such topics as women's use of religious poetry to express candid ideas about patriarchy and rape; the continuing evolution and important role of the supposedly antiquarian genre of the friendship poetry; same-sex desire in elegy by women as well as by men; and the status of Charlotte Smith as a key figure of the long eighteenth century, not only as a Romantic-era poet.

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    Major Sources · Laboring-Class Poets Online

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