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But then I still was on the light.

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A couple of years after my birth father took his squad to Kiev , the troops of Andrei Bogolyubsky participated in the looting of the city and returned with great booty. Now I understand the harmfulness of the capture of Kiev for peace and unity of the country, but then I was still a baby, and don't even remember universal rejoicing in Novgorod-Seversky and the triumphant return of the father home: me about it then told the Lord Kornily Ivanovich Ivanovich, my uncle-pestun. First intestine war, I remember that happened when I was seven years old — approx. As always happens in such cases, had a big redistribution of tables.

My father waited for this process and decided to grab Chernigov. Come with all squad to town, but he was not let it turned out Svyatoslav prudently left there, brother Yaroslav. Try to take Chernigov attack my father did not, though, I think, could: Svyatoslav squad went to Kiev , and Yaroslav certainly was not enough to resist the powerful Seversky army. But the father chose not to shed blood, and went back to his the city. After learning that his the absence of Chernigov came the team of Oleg Svyatoslavich, he was smitten malice, went with his army to Novgorod-Seversky and besieged the city.

I remember how ominously fires were burning soldiers Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich around our city, and as my father came out from the city gate to parley with his cousin. They seem to even discuss anything not immediately entered into the world, kissed the cross and went to their cities. So, parrot each other and all. Sly Svyatoslav decided to wait.

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Imagine, father Nicephorus: such relations between the princes, who called each other brothers, was considered quite normal, and to lay siege to the city brother, to plunder his village or even fight him on the battlefield, nothing wrong was not. Of course, now I realize that the brotherhood of the Russian princes was no more than hypocrisy, and in fact any of them could be like that king of Judah , which killed six of his brothers.

I do not remember, father Nicephorus, what was his name?

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It even Elijah the prophet denounced. Jehoram the son of Jehoshaphat? Thank you. Before, I would say:"Remember", but now I was useless. How awful to know that your watch considered, and no longer have anything to remember. Immediately after the departure Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich's troops, my father sent me to reign in Kursk. I was only seven years old, but it was important that I "sat on the lot": it added weight and him and me. And Kursk would be much more difficult for us with him away. So this time I grew up in Kursk , a city standing on a hill at the confluence of the rivers Kura and Tuccari, not far from the Seven rivers now the Sejm — approx.

Fortress Kursk was powerful, with thick wooden walls on high waves, but the walls not renovated for a hundred years, dilapidated and rickety. The same thing happened with the princely Palace, built during the first Kursk Prince Iziaslav, son Vladimir Monomakh. But I was a kid, and I didn't care. Kursk rules really of course not I, but the Lord Kornily Ivanovich Ivanovich, my uncle-pestun, but I gradually learning to manage the Duchy.

Delved into the tax and legal cases, he tried to tell, although in the end only repeated what was said uncle. Studied reading and writing, he studied Greek and Latin, science, history, mathematics, — all as expected.

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And military business was mastered, and all the princes: learning to own sword, archery, commanding a squad. He loved to hunt, and just run on the steppe by Nuradin. Often went to Novgorod-Seversky to the father, and sometimes hecame to me in Kursk.

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It's not far, three or four day journey on horseback, and if hurry, you and two days away. And, of course, dreamed of a beautiful woman, and just about women. Cute Amateur girls I winked, and one, I confess, seduced the young Prince and became the first woman in my life. But after that, I think, in my youth were all so grave a sin it is unlikely. Yes, father Nicephorus, I understand that it is the Lord to decide which sins are serious and which are not.


But still not cursing himself for his youthful adventure, the libertine and the adulterer was never inunlike many other princes of my age, lost his head from permissiveness. I was to be fulfilled fourteen No, thirteen. It was the six hundred and eighty-eight — approx. In the winter of that year, at the Baptism, went to the Lord my father Oleg Svyatoslavich.

He was only a little over forty. Then I still didn't understand. Now I understand. I think that you will understand, father Nicephorus, if I will briefly tell you the story. Although why you want to know why almost sixty years ago, in the distant Novgorod-Seversky died Prince Oleg? Really interesting? Well, then tell. Another year over a four to my father's death, the Russian troops headed by Rurik and Davyd, Jr. You know, father Nicephorus, who are the sheep? Don't know how they are called in Greek, but I'll explain, and you will certainly understand who we are. Cumans is steppe nomads, pagans, constantly disturbing their raids South Rus, that is, the lands of Kiev , Pereyaslavl now Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky — approx.

Yes, it is disturbing. It is now unlikely bother: they say they are almost all killed by the Mongols. But before that, the Cumans were big and serious force, and fought with them all the southern Russian princes. However, these princes were sometimes invited Polovtsian allies during strife, and nasty was happy to come to Russia to pillage — like legally. And now Rurik and David went in Polotsk and were defeated.

And threatened war. On the side of Svyatoslav stood the Kiev chamber — so Russia are called tips of eminent citizens. Roman has done a decent act: did not want to give a brother to court and have preferred to leave Kiev and retiring in your Smolensk together with Davyd and Rurik. However, the Novel is still not there other choice: even if he betrayed his brothers, Svyatoslav surely found would some other occasion to present their demands.

The idea is that Svyatoslav Gromov would have gone to Kiev to give the Chernihiv next on the ladder Prince. But the following, as you remember, was my father, and Svyatoslav in any case could not allow the Chernigov Prince was Oleg Svyatoslavich, and wanted to see this place of his brother Yaroslav. And Svyatoslav pulling time inventing new reasons not to give Chernigov , Recalling that on negotiations with Smolensk princes, allegedly collected their troops, even something.

The army my father was ready to go to Chernigov. And here on the eve of the Epiphany he died. Going swimming in the hole, as we have in Russia is conducted for centuries, but never lived up to this day. And it turned out that in Novgorod-Seversky instead of celebrating Baptism mourned Prince Oleg: people loved him very much. Why died Prince? Shortly before his death from Chernigov came boyar of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich and feasted with him.

Three days later, the father fell ill and the whole went black, even saliva was black.

At first, doctors thought he plague, and was afraid to approach his bedside. Now, after I went through all that passed, I understand that this death is healthy, strong, never ill man was not an accident. I didn't understand. And those who realized — remained silent.

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However, I then was not the time to ponder over the reason for her father's death. By The Way, Roman Rostislavich died in the summer of that year, and also went black before his death, as my father. This also suggests some suspicions, right? After the death of Novel Svyatoslav firmly vanailla in Kiev , and began the usual redistribution of tables. Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, of course, received Chernigov. In further he is always around to support his brother.

Next the ladder kind of the ol'govichi was the younger brother of my father, Igor. The man I consider to be the main culprit of my troubles and misfortunes. I confess, many times I cursed him and wished him to burn in hell forever.


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Yes, I know it a sin to desire another is evil, but I'm not a Saint, and my Christian forgiveness is not unlimited. Think, father Nicephorus that you heard my story, realize that I could not treat this man differently. You asking why I have not taken his father's Novgorod-Seversky table? Yes, all because of the same ladder: the city was supposed to depart no direct heir to the defunct Prince Oleg, Prince, the next in seniority. This, of course, was Igor Svyatoslavich, and to challenge it was impossible, he was much older than me, years fifteen or sixteen, I always called him uncle.

The funeral service his older brother Oleg and Igor did not, but he soon was found in In Chernihiv, in the Palace of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, he hugged me and promised that will be now like a father to me.