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Watch for financial abuse. Financial abuse takes many forms, including blaming the significant other for financial strain, putting the significant other on an absurdly strict budget, public shaming about expenditures, utilizing all or most of the income on an addiction, and taking earned or gifted money away from the significant other. Gretchen Kubacky , psychologist. Isolating a partner is an abusive tactic. Here, one partner is an isolater.

He or she pulls the other partner in as a teammate to take on the world.

On the surface it seems like a close bond, but in reality the partner pulling the other in is using them to create security and keep them for themselves. The danger here is that both parties fail to grow socially or develop strong relationships outside of their own, and in some cases are cut off from the rest of the world. Recommendation: Take on the world as long as you are able to have a team of more than two — as long as you are able to have other friends and social connections. Joshua Klapow , Ph.

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Emotional abuse can take a serious toll on your self-esteem. A lot of people are in emotionally dangerous relationships and the impact can be brutal. It causes their self-esteem to plummet and they lose a sense of themselves. Many people are with emotionally unavailable or verbally abusive partners — this is all very dangerous because they can lose years of their life on someone who treats them badly. No one deserves to be treated that way. Admitting they are in a bad relationship is the first step.

Karenna Alexander , matchmaker and dating coach. You wait for their call or their text, and follow them on Facebook and all social media platforms. Audrey Hope , relationship coach and addictions specialist at Seasons in Malibu.

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Spiritual abuse is something you may not have heard too often before. This gets almost no attention, but I believe it is the most dangerous form of abuse. Women justify submission and patriarchy on religious grounds. In the most severe cases, they accept that God wants them to suffer and that ultimately, in the end, it is all for his glory. The most insidious form of spiritual abuse happens when the victim believes that she can actually become content in her suffering.

This results in incredible emotional entanglement. In fact, it becomes a type of Stockholm syndrome. In many cases, during dating and marriage, the woman will convince herself that she has no other option. She then deludes herself into feeling control over the relationship and embraces her abuser.

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Someone in this type of relationship should absolutely find a support group. In this type of abuse, you will stop looking for ways to escape the abuse and pain and you will, instead, accept it and live with it. Hoping to have a sequel. Millyrics Yaya Sann Mary Godwin Mamley Charis Hi guys!

It's been a long time and I apologize for being so inactive but good news! Gift Ukporo Zara Wilson It's good but the grammar is slightly off xx.

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Just like that?? Very interesting book, please don't end like that. Black Princess Goodness Shadrach , not the end tho im just busy nowadays but im updating soon. Hi everyone this is Millyrics the author of dangerous love and third in command, I will be updating all my stories tomorrow and expect for an outrageous thrill : have a good day guys!

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