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Βιογραφία συγγραφέα: Turpin Tom

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Related GunDigest Articles. Elwood Shelton 3. Choices abound when it comes to top 6. No other book in the world covers David Miller Co. Truly, this book provides a unique insight into one of the premier custom rifle building operations of all time.

At the time, Tom was stationed in the great state of Alaska during a tour of duty with the U. Not long after that, he had a few articles published in Gun Digest and Guns magazine. He later became acquainted with, and as time passed, a good friend of, the longtime editor of Gun Digest, the late John T.

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Amber introduced Tom around the industry and helped his budding career immensely. During the seventies and eighties, Tom was very busy indeed, balancing a military career, including a couple tours in Vietnam, an outdoor writing career, raising a family and serving as a design consultant to the old German firearms manufacturer, F.

These days, after more than thirty years in the business, several hundred published articles, two books of his own and substantial contributions to another two, he is still at the keyboard.

  • Custom Rifles - Mastery of Wood & Metal: David Miller Co..
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He presently is a contributing editor to Primedia's RifleShooter magazine; contributing editor to Gun Digest; and a freelance contributor to most all the other firearms and hunting publications. At any given time, he usually has several magazine articles in progress, another book or two in the works, and two or three custom rifles in varying stages of completion. An avid hunter, he has hunted on four continents. A great fan of the late Jack O'Connor, Tom has found the sage advice contained in O'Connor's writings to be very accurate.